This commission was to compliment "Quiet Waters".  It is a painting on tooled metal and stays with the water theme of the hospital.

painted ladies

painted moons

this is merely a sampling of healthcare commissions. please contact me for more information or projects.  

                    mountains                                             rainforest                                                  oceans

eco weaves



to create a welcoming environment with a table and wall paintings for visitors to this large healthcare facility/hospital. An environment that would give the patient as well as the visitor a place to interact or to find solace.

The table, QUIET WATERS was significant as the hospital wanted to create a home type environment. Taking the direction of water as the theme for the first floor and entrance, the hand carved wooden table with 24K enhancements gave a sense of peace and solace to patients as well as visitors. The table is carved lilly pads embracing a golden lotus bloom in its center. The 1/2 glass top is cut into to the organic shape of a water puddle .

site specific works of art for private and  public spaces



healing waves

This large scale commission was for the LOGGIA at Riley Simon Tower in Indianapolis. The process in creating each one was long and arduous with many steps.  The original images of each were watercolored and then transferred into a digital format.  These pieces are laminated with a UV film since they are in a sunlight area.  Each is 12.5 feet wide and 18 feet in height.  

amy musia