site specific works of art for private and  public spaces

private commissions

RIVER WEAVE was designed and created to capture the element that weaves this lawyer's community together...........the river bend. The image was created as a watercolor, turned into a digital file and printed on a laminated film that was then applied to Celtex.  It was then cut formed and woven into this modern tapestry.

RIVER WEAVE measures 48 inches by 36 inches.

the hunt

THE HUNT is carved out of Alabaster,  This polar bear is close to my heart. Perfect to hold in your hand.  He has wonderful visual movement as well as pads carved in on each foot.    THE HUNT is 5.5 inches at its largest

CHILDHOOD FAUCET was made of domestic hardwoods  and the water like puddle was carved in Plexiglas.  This piece was designed to instill that feeling of being a child and growing up on a farm.  When sent out to turn on the water for the garden, the faucet seemed to be bigger than life and seemed to tower above the child as they struggled to turn it on.. A memory my client wanted to preserve in a work of art.  CHILDHOOD FAUCET is 5 plus feet tall.

childhood faucet

river weave

NYMPHAEA was commissioned by an East Coast couple for their master bedroom.  The scope of the project was to create a nature inspired piece for over the master bed. The finish was to match the distressed decor in this eclectic 1800 historic home. NYMPHAEA was designed with a Corian ring that  holds a hand-painted silk canopy created by Donna Karin. This canopy ring is between the leaves and the lotus so that the lotus itself can be viewed while lying in bed.  This was a very rewarding piece to design and create. NYMPHAEA measures 48 inches at its greatest and is carved and burnished wood with 24K gilding that .  

the quill

I was honored when a very loving husband commissioned me to create this music stand for his talented wife. EBONY & IVORY was designed with custom brass keys that could be pulled out in two places to adjust the height of the stand.   Made of gorgeous exotic woods from ebony to vermillion to holly to zebra wood. She still enjoys it to this day.  

THE QUILL is a site specific piece that was created for a signature school.  The significance of the quill is symbolic of signing of the contract between the school and the student  which is  their promise to commit themselves to stretch their creative and learning muscles to better themselves while attending this signature school.   

THE QUILL is carved and burnished Jelutong with 99% monastery silver gilding on quill tip. Wall mounted,  5 feet in length.  


amy musia

ebony & ivory

This is a sampling of a few commissions.  for more information about private commissions,  

please go to the contact me page and drop me a line about your project.