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#1 reflections of mt. fuji

Any number of photos in a variety of sizes is always for purchase.  Many can be reviewed at http://www.amymusia.zenfolio.com   

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#2  homage to tochigi


HOMAGE was created as a floral accent piece for a foyer or lobby or any area that needs an accent piece.  

site specific works of art for private and  public spaces

With the need to have more space to create new works of art, I will be posting more works of art, inspiration for art and other exciting objects from the studio that will be for sale.  Come back soon and often as you might find something that will be perfect for your collection.  I look forward to adding you to the growing list of collectors,  Amy 


The Store is to give you the opportunity to view works that are available for purchase.   You will find a mix of my work as well as works of art by artists in my circle.  Also offered are musings, pieces large and small that were inspiration to many of my works. Once sold, the pieces will be red tagged.  

TO PURCHASE:  Just hit the contact button and give the number and title of the piece that you want.  Once request is received,  I will send you a billing and payment will be made through PAYPAL and shipped out UPS asap. 


Thank all of you for supporting me and my art through the years. You have inspired me and kept me in the studio.

This wall mounted column is all hand carved wooden sculpture. The leaves are designed with brass pins and can be tilted in different positions. The balloon flowers are coated in a iridescent paint to achieve the blue tint.  Measures 48" in length, 24" in width.  Poplar, Jelutong, 24K gilding. 

These smaller columns are highly collectible for a private collection.  Larger columns have been commissioned and are in major corporate collections.

If interested, please use the contact page or email me  at musiafineart@gmail.com 

amy musia